The Rise of a Fascist State

Queensland, under Campbell Newman and his cronies, is rapidly becoming a State run by Fascist-like methods.

As the Newman Government enters the second half of its first term, there is an increasingly sinister demeanour being displayed in the way it is governing the State.

The introduction of legislation covering “Vicious Lawless Associations”is a clear example of the Government attacking the right of individuals to associate, because it allows people to be treated outside the regular operation of laws in Queensland.

The new Act was recently used to break up drumming circles on North Stradbroke Island. A group of peaceful people, who express their feelings and there solidarity by ritual drum beating, were approached by the Queensland Police Service, who sought to break the group up under the provisions of the new law. It is beyond my understanding as to how this group qualified as “vicious” and/or “lawless”

The Premier claims the new anti-bikie laws are what the people want, and he’s listening to them. The judiciary certainly has objected to being told what to do by the Government, and believe that bikies are entitled to the same courtesies under the law as anyone else. a stand which has enraged the Premier. Some in the public are saying that is is back to the Joh years with Newman. a view not shared by the leader of the opposition in Queensland.

“The only comparison I can see between Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen and Campbell Newman is that neither of them understand the separation of powers,” Opposition Leader Annastacia Palaszczuk said.

The Premier also attacked the judiciary, and members of civil liberties groups, who held that paedophiles also deserved the same right before the law as other offenders. he claimed the were “apologists for paedophiles”. This, also, he claimed was what the people wanted. How he assesses this is beyond my comprehension.

There has been further distracting window dressing associated with the new laws such as 23 hour per day solitary confinement, separate jails for bikies and, of course. the ludicrous suggestion that they should wear hot pink jump suits while in prison.

What is it distracting from? Well, the Premier jumped at the chance to seize power of environmental approvals offered by the Commonwealth so that his government could legislate to allow dredging of the Great Barrier Reef to allow more coal terminals to be built. What a shame that fell over due to a decreasing world demand for coal! On the more local level, the Newman government has allowed sand mining to recommence on North Stradbroke Island, against the wishes of the residents.

The Premier is also keen to explore what fortune can be made by exploiting Coal Seam Gas mining in Queensland. An act of such monstrous ecological vandalism that would drain most if not all the water from the Galilee Basin and reduce it to a virtual desert. The land currently supports a great many cattle, which is an important export commodity for both Queensland and Australia. There is more money to be gained by the Government from CSG mining, so to hell with the quality and usefulness of the land.

It  is well documented what the government has done to schools and health, and only in the strongest communities have they been forced to back down. It is also well documented that the financial rating of the State has been hit hard since Campbell Newman became Premier. Still he continues to rule according to the whim of his biggest supporters and dog-whistles to the extreme right wing element in Queensland, which is considerable.

From what I have read, overriding the judiciary and using the police as a “personal” army against the citizenry are both keen hall marks of Fascist rule.

He’s been in power just over 18 months, but Abbott has only been there about two months. Things will only get worse.