It really grates on my nerves. Our Queensland politicians receiving obscene salary increases. Our Federal Treasurer and his “Little Sir Echoes” in Treasury and big business bleating that we need to return to a surplus and it’s the low wage earners, the old and the disabled that must pay for it.

It is serious dog whistling to those punters who only ever have to balance the household budget or who run small to medium size business. They know if they don’t make more than they spend, or at least as much as, they go broke.

A nation can carry a budget deficit if the deficit is paying for nation-building project and infrastructure for a growing population. If it is being used for hospitals and GP super surgeries, for schools and before and after school care,  for improved secondary and tertiary education, for fast train networks (not more roads for fossil fuelled behemoths to generate excessive CO2) and ecological power generation. Why? Because these thing will bring a return to the nation. Just like a dividend to the share holders. We are the shareholders of Australia. We need to see a return in our investment. An investment we make through the ballot box. We don’t need to see a return in dollars, we need to see it in investment to generate industry, education, health and long-term sustainability of Australia.
What we are having shoved down our throats is short-term profiteering of our, OUR, natural resources and a decrease in the standard of living for the worst off in our society.

This is not the way forward, it is the way down.