Essentially the rejection of social liberalism by the conservative side of Australian politics, for the adoption and promotion of classical liberal ideology, has left those financially worse off with nowhere to go.
Abbott appears to want to return to a 1950’s Australia, where the slow but steady growth in a post-war nation saw the building of economic edifices the drove the economy and employed people.
As the world outside Australia also grew, international trade expanded and our wealth grew with it.
At it’s height, when the minerals boom saw buckets of money flow into the Australian economy, Howard pulled the Great Shonky. He told all Australians they should aspire to great wealth and being the “Boss”. Somehow through hard work and sacrifice, we all could be the Manager, the CEO, the Boss. Oh, and by the way, here’s a huge tax cut we can afford because we sell so much precious dirt. Go out and buy the biggest TV you can find. Don’t worry about where it’s made. You deserve it.
They’re still out there, the “aspirationals”, putting themselves first, striving for personal wealth and to hell with social responsibilities.
This is why the neo-con Government we have say it is the end of the age of entitlement. They no longer accept that a government has responsibilities for the homeless, the disabled, working mothers, the working poor and the old. All “our” resources (which they believe they actually own) are for exploitation for profit.

The Left/ALP shows no signs of leadership. The offerings of Bill Shorten are too little, too infrequent and ineffectual.

Last week-end showed that a lot of ordinary Australian citizens are not happy with how they are being governed, with what is being done in their name, but they have no one person to rally behind. They have no champion, as yet anyway.


To where do we turn.